Aquarius Zodiac Sign


Jan 20 - Feb 18

Weekly Horoscope

This week brings surprises and positive social events, which could be engaging and even inspiring to you. The continued focus on your social sector hints at events and opportunities for connecting with others. One encounter could take your breath away - for all the right reasons. The sense of fun continues through the week with a positive aspect between chatty Mercury and lucky Jupiter on Friday bringing some good news. You could hear from a friend or enjoy an encounter that involves fascinating discussions. The sun moves into Capricorn on Friday, signaling a quieter phase when you might feel moved to take time away from the social whirl. There will still be plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself, but you’ll also feel a need to reflect and recharge. Don’t give yourself too much to do on Saturday because the full moon could see you busier than usual. Cut back on unnecessary activities when you can.

Monthly Horoscope

Social life gets a big boost from the new moon on December 6. Every club and unofficial group will plan enough holiday festivities to keep your head spinning. You don't have to organize or even attend every single one, but you might feel obliged and want to go. Pace yourself and enjoy it. Mercury goes stationary direct today, too. Don't let any unresolved communications further complicate a holiday season. The sun trines Uranus on December 20. Surprise yourself and feel comfortable at a buzzing, busy holiday event. You may not be able to slow down during the full moon on the twenty-second, but you can pull in and focus on important details in your daily routine. Wash the dishes, feed the orchids, and know that no matter what goes undone, the major things are covered. Feel virtuous. The moon trines Uranus on December 26. An unexpected comment or gesture can greatly enrich an already pleasant situation.

Yearly Horoscope

The year will start at a very good pace and will lift you up on many levels. At last, your luck will open and things will happen quickly, easily, but also in an unprecedented way for your case.

You will surely have great impetus at all levels, from professional and social to erotic. Your attitude will be open and more friendly, but because of it, you will find the ideal person for you, which will be the joy of life. The relationship with a Gemini or a Sagittarius will be unique, so wait for something good to come out of that. Creativity and good looks will be your main concerns because you have been tired of the many ups and downs. Seeing everything from their positive side will also favor your love life because you will not have that cold and distant attitude. Conversely, you will have a beautiful time and want to share. If you've made a decision about family and social rise, a Capricorn will offer those to you.

Aphrodite in Aquarius will revive you, provide you with great moments and will push even your looks to be refreshed. Extreme looks express your uniqueness and now is your chance as you will feel more liberated and open to everyone and everything, so this will help you deal better with sentimental issues.

An Aries will be a very merry note for you, but you are not sure if you will stay with him because you may want more stability, seriousness, and responsibility in your personal life. The ephemeral, this year will not interest you and you will look for quality even in feelings.

Taurus will be a great attraction and it will not be easy to resist it because he will wake desires and instincts inside you. The point is to be able to relate. Your love, however, will be very big and powerful if you make the right moves.

With Cancer in June, there will be collisions and aggressive moods, because of his hypersensitivity, in addition to family issues you will be very pressured. Remember that if there is love, you have to keep the balance and values, leaving aside egoism and especially delusions. August will be the best month to win a Leo and be together. However, in general, any of your problems will easily disappear because you have been favored.

In September you can meet a Virgo after a business meeting and get closer. However, everything will depend on how much you have changed your models and whether the relationship model you are looking for is different from your current one. Whatever it is, your optimistic nature will prevail and you will open up to new acquaintances. Your insight, as well as your excited senses, will help you to rejoin Scorpio, who lurks. It's a very powerful combination, but you have to tie yourself on his chariot.

The year will end with a new treat, and if you have professional ambitions, you will match wonderfully with a Capricorn.