Cancer Zodiac Sign


Jun 21 - Jul 22

Weekly Horoscope

Opportunity knocks this week, so be alert for news that could lead to a job or business idea. If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your lifestyle, a chance remark could provide you with helpful solutions. The focus is on getting the most of your days and enjoying your work and routines. If you can do this, your energy level could be consistently high.On Friday, the sun moves into Capricorn and your relationship zone for a four-week stay, inspiring you to take stock and consider how you feel about friends and loved ones. If there are issues to discuss, now is the time to talk about them. On that same day, a more romantic aspect involving delectable Venus and alluring Neptune could coincide with a meeting that feels like love at first sight. Don’t be too quick off the mark, though.The full moon in your sign on Saturday could be an emotional one, especially if you’re meeting people you haven’t seen in some time.

Monthly Horoscope

The sun-Neptune square on December 5 may sensitize people to imaginary unhappiness. Be patient and compassionate, especially with yourself.

The day job and daily routine come into the spotlight with the new moon on the sixth. Get great satisfaction from the mundane, low-stress chores that keep you anchored and happy as the holiday season ramps up. Mercury goes stationary direct today, too. You may care deeply, but it could be too soon to correct a misunderstanding. Give yourself time.The Venus-Neptune trine on December 21 shines a rosy light on the most difficult situation. It can be a beautiful day. It's also the first day of winter, when the sun enters Capricorn. Be grateful for more stability.

The full moon the next day puts you in a position of power. Get a firm grip on the holidays, and make happy the people who care most about you. It will be less work than you think.

Yearly Horoscope

Everything shows that 2019 will be the year that you will make more mature moves on the level of companionship, but at the same time, you will have some specific difficulties that will force you to see the truth.

If you have not figured out some situations, you should see them again from scratch and set limits, especially in the case of marriage or cohabitation, or in a relationship that you are already dealing with. On the other hand, though, you are likely to give in to the siege of a single Sagittarius who will definitely play a part in your life if you seek to have fun and not be tortured.

From this year onwards, mainly within your workplace, there will be a different climate, more enjoyable and with a lot of discreet flirting.

February will bring you luck, and if you treat a situation seriously, you may eventually end up living with an older person. An Aquarius always tells you something, and now he will excite you by his friendly attitude, but you will not have the courage to start something with him because his emotional expression doesn't suit you. A Pisces will provoke your interest and through a journey, you can start a very strong relationship. The secret of this year is to get away from clichés, become less sensitive, recognize some different values ??and principles and seek more communication and a kind of freedom. An Aries will bring out your desire to experience intensely every moment of your life, and even though, every now and then you will put off your absurdities or impulsive behavior, you will not be interested and even very serious, especially if you are older.

In June and July, you will be full of sensitivity and a strong feeling that you want to share family life. Make sure you do not overdo it because the overwhelming demands of the environment and especially of your family may make you feel guilty.

A Leo or An Aquarius is likely to return in August or you will make a stormy acquaintance with one of these two zodiac signs. In order to marry or cohabitate, however, you will need to be very balanced and, above all, have a companionate mood, and a Libra can bring this out from you.

By winter you will enter the endgame and perhaps formalize a very serious, stable relationship with the blessings of your environment.