Capricorn Zodiac Sign


Dec 22 - Jan 19

Weekly Horoscope

If aspects of your life have seemed out of control, this can all change this week as the sun moves into your sign. But before it does, it makes a positive angle with rebellious Uranus in a more personal sector. You might feel like going off and doing something alone. If you do need some “me” time, Thursday might be your best day. A very heartwarming encounter could brighten the end of the week, and it might be because you invite a friend out for a meal or drink. If this person seems a little lonely, your offer will be even more appreciated. You could even end up becoming good friends. With the sun entering your sign on Friday, you’ll be in your element and back in the driver’s seat. If your energy level seems to have dipped, you can begin to feel more vital. Avoid uncomfortable discussions on Saturday. The full moon can amplify emotions, both positive and negative.

Monthly Horoscope

Collect your thoughts when the moon is new on December 6. The rest of the world may be manically making to-do lists and already running around. Take this time for yourself, and be focused and content with how you want to spend your time. Mercury goes stationary direct today, too. Go slowly and let any retrograde dust settle. It’s time to get better organized. The moon conjoins Saturn on the eighth. The background noise should lower , so it will be easier to work on something complicated. The Venus-Saturn sextile on December 16 helps you connect with an older friend or relative who can make a manageable task simpler and easier. Love may be strongest close to home with the full moon on the twenty-second. You are not being overlooked or underappreciated. Feel secure in how great you naturally are, and let your light attract the exact kind of love that you want.

Yearly Horoscope

This year does not seem to be a big surprise, but the reality is different. So prepare for because fatal meetings and surprises are expected from the deus ex machina who can suddenly send you the love of your life. Of course, you should allow yourself to believe in romanticism and the fairy tale and most importantly to keep them inside you and not allow logic to create pessimism and that nothing is going to happen.

The first month of the year will be very strong, since meeting with a Gemini or Sagittarius is capable of overturning many of your theories of loneliness and push you intensely in a relationship. Those of you who are already in a relationship, go through some phases that prevent you from dealing with your significant other because the current problems can completely absorb you. Ultimately, however, your good luck will function and you will get more easy and carefree.

As time goes by and Venus enters the Capricorn, it will soften Saturn a little in your sign and you will experience situations that will give you more experience and more security. You will believe more in your value and this is the most important factor in being well in a relationship.

The subversive Aquarius may not get stuck in that you're dealing with problems, it will not really matter much to him, so he will look very strong in your eyes. It's in your hand how you handle the affairs. Changes come as long as you are ready to accept them and not stay in situations that offer no prospect of joy, romance, and companionship.

The dynamism of an Aries may not be able to keep your interest alive unless it is accompanied by other elements of his character. He may even create some disappointment if it seems that he remains immature. Habit will not affect you at all this year, because you will probably go through several ups and downs and you will completely escape the data.

Difficulties and big stuck situations can be met in June because family issues will distract you in easily seeing the essence of your relationship or you'll just seek peace and security. Make sure you do not misinterpret the movements and behavior of the other person because you will find yourself in a dead end because of high sensitivity.

July will be the month that you can somehow overcome the difficult moments, through family life and contact with people you love.

A dynamic Lion may come into your life in August, but again you have to do your best to get better communication. A Virgo will bring you to balance and it will be easier to invest in him. Scorpio will be for you a glimpse of renewal and stability. The year will end with the second passage of Aphrodite in your sign, offering beautiful, light moments and the opportunity to get everything you deserve.