Gemini Zodiac Sign


May 21 - Jun 20

Weekly Horoscope

An unexpected invitation could be the catalyst that encourages you to get to know someone better. There could be an instant attraction between you, but this relationship might need some nurturing if you want it to continue.Later in the week, a merger between chatty Mercury and expansive Jupiter could leave you excited by a conversation and the wonderful ideas discussed. You might see all kinds of possibilities opening before you that boost morale. However, you might also be willing to sacrifice your time to help someone at work or share business advice, and this could be well received.The sun’s move into Capricorn and your sector of business and shared assets on Friday could stimulate ideas that enhance your income. However, the sun’s presence here might also alert you to let go of a stagnant situation so you can move on. Saturday’s full moon could coincide with a spending spree, so go easy.

Monthly Horoscope

Mercury enters Scorpio on December 1. Mercury is retrograde now, but not for long. Watch your step - and your words.With the new moon on the sixth, a lover may become wildly generous, or you could be almost smothered in new admirers and affection. You know what - and how much - you want. Mercury goes stationary direct today, too. Lighten up, but don't go dashing off right away. Give yourself time.Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 12. Now your holiday season can safely heat up. On the twenty-first, winter begins as the sun enters serious Capricorn. Mercury conjoins Jupiter today as well. Think big, but act with care and compassion. Reasonable generosity today brings good things later.Ask for nothing during the full moon on December 22 and receive more than you might imagine. Concentrate on what needs to be done. What you need and want - plus some - will be given to you.

Yearly Horoscope

2019 it will be a favorable year in regards to your personal relationships. You will feel the need to put an end to your immaturity or childish attitude and become more serious. At the same time, you will tend to actualize your promises concerning your interpersonal relationships. Your promises and your actions will match and you will stop being in limbo.

This new year will bring you an adventurous Sagittarius and this relationship can result in cohabitation and marriage. You will travel a lot this year and through these journeys, you will reinvent yourself.

Through the course of this year, you will notice yourself becoming more mature seeing things from a different perspective. This will happen because you will realize what you need to change in order to feel better in your personal relationships.

From April 1st to May 15th, you will bring out the best of you and your aura will glow. This will help you achieve your goals easily and effortlessly. June will be a great month for you too as you will outshine others with your playful energy. If you are single, there are new opportunities coming this month, and if you are in a relationship you will see it grow.

Scorpio will play a crucial role in your life and your mood. You will find yourself discussing about marriage more actively in November. Even those Geminis that enjoy being bachelors will consider changing their relationship status and achieve the desirable companionship next to a Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces.

Do you feel that you are working hard but you do not make enough money? Wait for a great deal in November or December that will change your life! In this context, be aware of the financial mistakes you make that hold you back and show the integrity that characterizes you!