Leo Zodiac Sign


Jul 23 - Aug 22

Weekly Horoscope

You could be somewhat restless midweek as the sun, your guardian planet, aspects edgy Uranus. This is a positive transit, though, suggesting that your search for something interesting could lead to a sparkling discovery, one you’ll use to your advantage.
There are also deeper currents at work that hint at family discussions around money, property, and deeply personal issues. Rather than this being a difficult time, it could be an opportunity to have an open discussion that has a good outcome. If you have a chance to take part in competitive sports, a holiday hike, or just get outdoors, it would do you a world of good.
With the sun moving into your work and lifestyle sector on Friday, the winter solstice, it might be time to adjust your routines and make life a little easier for yourself. In fact, taking a break during Saturday’s full moon could help recharge your batteries.

Monthly Horoscope

The sun-Mars square on December 2 might cause a difficult start to the month, but you can face down whatever might attempt to change your plans. Disagree nicely if you can.
Get creative and frisky for the new moon on the sixth. You have ideas and plans that can perk up everybody's celebrations. Mercury goes stationary direct today, too. Hit the pause button and let things straighten out at their own pace.The sun trines Uranus on December 20, and this lets you surprise a special someone with a pleasant and perfect gift or invitation. The sun enters Capricorn and starts winter the next day. Settle down and enjoy some serious, constructive calm.
Be more drawn to your own inner light during the full moon on the twenty-second. You're not turning into a hermit. Rather, you're becoming more sensitive and receptive to the peace and stillness that people need but usually ignore.

Yearly Horoscope

This year will be quite lucky for your sentimental, as it is very likely either for a new, hot romance to emerge or the situation of your existing relationship to change for the better. When the new year starts, brings with it many gifts. Your life will become more glamorous and creative, with you as the main protagonist of the developments. You may meet a Gemini or Sagittarius and say "goodbye" to bachelor life. Also, if you are already in a relationship an have experienced ups and downs with your partner, separations, and reunions, now everything will improve and you will see things more positively.

A very serious Capricorn will touch your feelings, especially if it is within your workplace. An Aquarius that is considered your other half will make his appearance calmer, but determined to try for a companionate relationship. Everything seems to change for the better and it will make you feel great. Jealousy and possessiveness will go away because you will gain more freedom of expression, so you will say everything openly and you will not hold it in yourself.

A Cancer will appear in the summer, but despite any of your feelings, there will be obstacles to overcome. In August you will shine, but you will not feel any need to commit yourself because you will focus on your will and you will not be willing to make many retreats. You will prefer to have fun without worries and problems.

The best time for relationship, cohabitation, even marriage will be from mid-September to mid-October. A Scorpio always attracts you and will now leave his mark. Keep your cool and do not be overwhelmed by intense passion.