Pisces Zodiac Sign


Feb 19 - Mar 20

Weekly Horoscope

You might be doing a grand job of organizing events for your community or workplace and bringing them to a successful conclusion. This week could coincide with office parties, holiday business meetings, and similar occasions. As you network, be on the alert for an opportunity that comes out of the blue. It won’t be around for very long, so you might need to snap it up while you can. Toward the end of the week, there could be an encounter with someone you don’t see very often, and this could be a very heartwarming occasion. It might even seem as though you’ve never really been apart because you understand each other so well. Plus, you feel extremely relaxed in their company, and you’re probably eager to see more of them in the future.

Monthly Horoscope

With the new moon on December 6, let the approaching holidays work their magic for you in your career or in your public standing. If there's something specific that you've wanted to happen, give it a chance to manifest and appear before your eyes. Mercury goes stationary direct now. Misunderstandings may linger, but embarrassments or complications start to lose their influence. The Mars-Neptune conjunction on December 7 opens the door to a bigger, better, and more possible dream. Make it happen if you can. The Venus-Neptune trine on the twenty-first makes a beautiful holiday season even more gorgeous. Mercury conjoins Jupiter now, too. Think - and be - bright and beautiful. The full moon on December 22 lets you be super sensitive without becoming too vulnerable. Psychically tap into what someone wants and needs but can’t express outright. Enjoy time with somebody who wants to cheer you up. It will make their day.

Yearly Horoscope

The year 2019 will bring you much optimism. It may not be at first something specific or special, mainly for you who are still single, but it will in some ways the erotic climate drag you in and will not let you stop until you reach your destination.

From the beginning of the new year, your life will change radically. You will feel something very good that you can not put your finger on, so you'll just wait. You may be doing your business openings and through that, your luck will change on all levels. You may try to expand and meet there the love that will be fiery and great. Regarding communication levels, you will for the first time be so much involved in things and you will not be deluded. You will feel good without any illusions. The question is how to manage your desires and leave nothing to chance because only then you will taste joy.

A Capricorn will be near you and will give you a very good stimulus to become at first friends. But then you may be attracted to his serious profile, start to need him and your situation may grow into a great love. From the end of March until mid-April, when Venus will be in your sign, something too good will happen.

On the other hand, a beginning with an Aries has started and even if things do show an incompatible combination, ultimately it gives you so strong feelings you would never imagine. AGemini will lift you up, but keep your reservations so you do not land abruptly. Wait for actions because from those there will be moods and the truth. In general, however, there will be strong interest on both sides, as long as you learn to interpret the messages correctly and not misunderstand them.

Creating a family can be the motivation to continue being with a Cancer because everything is done for a reason this time. You also fit a lot with a Virgo and he will follow you for a long time or teach you in his own way that which you need to learn to offer in your relationship. However, you will always pick people who raise the bar because you will feel that you are feeling more excited. With a Libra, things are not easy, but at least they are exciting, erotic and creative if you share artistic interests.

The year will close with great promises that will be followed by actions. With Sagittarius a great love is likely to be created, it is expected to formalize by next year, if not in 2019.