Saggitarius Zodiac Sign


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Weekly Horoscope

Expect the unexpected midweek as a surprise invitation or even a visit boosts your spirits. You might enjoy a reunion with an old friend, and it’s sure to leave you feeling happier. The focus shifts somewhat this week as the sun moves out of your sign and into Capricorn and your personal money zone on Friday. This can be a chance to take stock and consider how you can improve matters and get your money to work harder for you. There could also be an especially pleasant rendezvous at the end of the week that leaves you feeling a lot closer to someone. It might seem as though you understand each other without having to say anything, and this means a lot. It could be a family member or a good friend. The full moon in a more intense sector on Saturday could make you feel restless. If so, a massage or spa treatment would do you a world of good.

Monthly Horoscope

The new moon on December 6 can be a glorious, lucky time. Look forward to party invitations coming from all directions. You might want to throw a party yourself. Step up and be sociable in a big way. Mercury goes direct today, too. Don't be in a rush to fix everything at once. Mercury enters Sagittarius on the twelfth. Easily focus on holiday preparations and schedules. Let your party mood increase, and have more fun with the season. Mercury conjoins Jupiter on December 21, also when winter begins as the sun enters Capricorn. The longest to-do list will be no obstacle to you. Even if you’re surrounded by people during the full moon on the twenty-second, you’ll be able to zone in on where you can make the biggest difference for someone special. Your social skills and observations are sharp now. So are your instinct and intuition. Use them all.

Yearly Horoscope

In 2019, with Zeus in your sign, you will have the ... goose that lays the golden eggs, but you also have to do some moves. Why, yes, Zeus gives you a great favor, but it also creates emotional exaggeration. So you will need to everywhere make good distinctions. This year, you may hear thick words or say them yourself in excitement, and when the time comes to act you will regret it. So with another Sagittarius or Gemini, there should be patience and measure.

Vitality and optimism will be elements that will characterize you, but you also need to pay special attention because now is your period of apprenticeship. You may feel the need to go further, leaving behind the past, and with it, a person who has been a little tiresome to you, but before making any decision you should think well about it not to make a mistake.

With Taurus you will take the big step, it is possible that you have approached him in the past, but because there was no trust on his part, either stopped contacting or was reluctant to start it. But now the situation will change because you will decide not to give him any more room and a definitive solution will be given.

A Pisces is a person you care about enough, but you will need to trust each other so you can get along. This is the main factor to get more attached because sometimes there is "fluidity" in your relationship, which does not help in development and permanence.

With a Lion with which there is great love, you will be in the best phase this year because he will recognize your efforts without judging them strictly, as he does most of the time. Now there is trust from both sides and after several discussions, you will make a very good and stable situation between you and yourself.

A Cancer in the summer may create some emotional tensions because he will be cautious towards you while you have made generous efforts to show your love but you two are broadcasting in different codes and he is not catching your messages. But surely you will learn a lot from him and maybe you can, with luck, move on to a family. However, it is necessary, from the beginning, for a brave cleansing of your desires and needs, so that the relationship can stand.