Scorpio Zodiac Sign


Oct 23 - Nov 21

Weekly Horoscope

There might be an unexpected chance to earn some extra cash. Even though this might only be a small amount, it could still put a smile on your face. You could also receive a gift from someone who never usually bothers. It might be a signal that they’re eager to get to know you better. The end of the week can be particularly upbeat for more than one reason. A special date with someone you care for deeply could turn out very well and may help cement your bond. You might succeed in asking someone out and find you understand each other in an almost psychic way. At the same time, you could receive a generous offer, and it might be something to consider. You’ll need to discuss the details before you agree to it, though. The full moon in your sector of far horizons on Saturday could leave you yearning for a person or place you don’t see very often.

Monthly Horoscope

Mercury enters Scorpio on December 1. Think more - and think better - about basic matters. Venus enters Scorpio on the second. You know true love when you see and feel it. The sun squares Mars today, too. It's a risky day to pick a fight. Money and material concerns look good with the new moon on December 6. Feel rich no matter your situation and you stand to attract more wealth. Keep expectations modest. Mercury goes direct today, too. Be patient with yourself. The Mars-Neptune conjunction on the seventh gives you extra power to turn around a sour mood. The full moon on December 22 lights up your life and opens your eyes to more of the everyday miracles that surround you. Feel fundamentally more responsible and determined to take care of business. This won't blind you to what great things are possible now. Mars enters Aries on the thirty-first. Have a glorious new year!

Yearly Horoscope

The game of power continues and when you think everything is over, you will suddenly find yourself with many choices. Sure is, that you will be open to many directions and that will put you in a new, creative world.

Your relationship with a Gemini will be the one that will define you even though your logic tells you that this particular sign is not fitting for you at all, and it will probably make you nervous even though it will not be easy to escape. An Aquarius follows, where, in the beginning, a friendly opening of his will give you a new dimension to personal relationships which possibly you may have needed. Contact with an Aries will be unique because this time you will risk without fear and most importantly you will have the courage to follow his action and momentum.

Your life will fill with color, you may even experience a stable relationship even marriage, with a very sensual but reliable Taurus. It is a powerful combination and it was always that way.

The prospects will be many and great this year to have a family with a Cancer, who at first looks indifferent or difficult, but ultimately with your own patience and skill, you will own it. If you belong to those who have held distances, you will see that you will return to each other's arms. A little effort is only needed and selfishness will easily go away.

A Lion will naturally be the protagonist of the summer, in fact, it may interest you for a long time, but with him not showing interest. Now you will find the opportunity and in the right way, you will strike gold. Travel, financial openings (the finances will absorb you and affect your personal life if you do not find solutions) and optimistic plans will help to restore your personal relationships because you will feel better psychologically. What you can do is finally talk about what disturbs you and bother you, without being anxious or vengeful because it does not help anything. Change, follow the lightest road, do not look for problems, but solutions and you will see that everything will go better. The simpler your life, the easier your relationship will be.

In October and from mid-November onwards you will bring out very strong passion and claim. Your sex appeal will also be great, but that's for sure. Take care to make a smooth outcome of the events, highlighting this time other qualities, such as a willingness for communication, to forgive and to give love, without waiting to get something in return. Give generously and the universe will reward you.