Virgo Zodiac Sign


Aug 23 - Sep 22

Weekly Horoscope

Home and family matters continue to be emphasised this week. There might be an unexpected visitor on your doorstep midweek as the sun aligns with unpredictable Uranus, or another surprise could come your way that adds a little sparkle to the days ahead.Solo? A lovely tie between delectable Venus and ethereal Neptune in your relationship zone hints at the potential for a blossoming romance. Spoken for? Doing something special for your partner can feel good, and you can be sure it will be appreciated.
The sun moves out of Sagittarius and your home zone and into Capricorn and your leisure and romance sector on Friday. The sun’s presence here can shine a light on how you make use of your spare time. Plus, if someone is trying to attract your attention, it could become obvious. Saturday’s full moon might coincide with a grand holiday party or other lively occasions.

Monthly Horoscope

Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio on December 1. Take things as slowly as you please and make yourself happy. Home life gets brighter, happier, and more comfortable with the new moon on the sixth. Feel safe, secure, and satisfied in your own space. Tidy up a bit and rediscover that it's heaven. Mercury goes direct today, too. Silly, careless misunderstandings won't instantly end, but they will begin to lessen.
On December 12, Mercury enters Sagittarius. Get more into the holiday spirit and have more fun. Mercury conjoins Jupiter on the twenty-first, also when the sun enters Capricorn and winter starts. Every suggestion and idea you have will be appropriate and pleasing to everyone.Glide gracefully through all the holiday gatherings as the moon turns full on December 22. Others will handle the hospitality, so all you need to do is show up looking fabulous. Resolve a deep doubt when Mercury squares Neptune on the twenty-fourth.

Yearly Horoscope

This year will release you from “have to” and taboo. You may at some point go back or decide to be content with the few, but suddenly you will gain momentum and you will not recognize yourself while bringing out an exaggerated optimism. The new year will start episodically, as playing and flirting do not match your character, but you will make a turn and instead of pursuing a relationship you will start playing and making out to finally feel what you like and deserve.

If you are caught in the nets of a Gemini or Sagittarius, you will initially not be excited or you will resist until you receive actions that will make you feel confident and secure. However, you should set limits that one way or the other is necessary for anything you do. The astonishing acquaintance with an Aries will make you take a risk because the relationship will be karmic and anything goes, from marriage to having a child. Generally, you will make a courageous effort this year to cure any wound and trauma. Because you feel that you are turning a page and going for something new, whatever that may be, within your existing relationship there will be demands for things to be done, and in common decisions, you will have more freedom and choice.

On the other hand, you will not remain alone because your fortune is changing and there will certainly be many new arrivals in your erotic life. But now, because you will go to the other end, you better keep your reservations so you won't get carried away and most importantly to make the right distinction. You will have good communication with a Taurus or a Scorpio, especially if you need to travel for a while or stay permanently abroad for a while.

A Cancer in the summer can hit your door and all you have to do is welcome it because it's a nice match, even if it does not have the beginning you want, the romantic that is, as you will intensely make sure to serve and meet his needs. In fact, you will not care much because you have found your goal.

In August there will be a change of course, as you will come close to a Leo or an Aquarius, with whom you will learn a lot. The secret is to have optimism and faith in yourself in knowing you can be loved with your good and your bad.

A positive ending with an Aries may even occur in September or early October. A Sagittarius, if he has not managed to win you over or convince you, he will make his effort again and again there you will not get away and you will fall straight into his arms, with the best of omens.

A Capricorn, towards the end of the year, will help and make you feel that there is finally an end to your sufferings and endless limitations.