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How do psychics work? How do psychics know personal things? How do psychic readings
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These are all common questions that you might have as you consider working with an advisor.
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Type of Psychic
Types Of Readings
  • Career Psychic

    Career psychic reading is the most popular and most sought-after psychic reading apart from love psychic reading. Our talented career psychic provides details about future happenings in your work and career coined from their years and wealth of experience of answering questions and giving forecast relating to job and career. A career psychic can help you solve a dilemma you might find yourselves in your career, and they can also help you while making difficult life decisions. A job is a part of life that is important to you after your family and romantic relationships, which that creates a lot of tension. How can a career psychic reading impact your life? Are you having difficult bosses, uncertainty advancement, fear of losing your job, workforce re-entry after years of raising children, relying on your fiancée regarding finance, and the desire to have a change in career are significant matters to deal with by oneself? At PsychicTone our career psychics can help bring direction and meaning to the questionable career decisions you are facing.

  • Clairaudient Psychic

    Clairaudience is the intuitive ability to “hear clearly” and to convey messages, communicate with the spiritual realm audibly. Clairaudients means to receive and to send information through what they hear, unlike other psychics who can receive visions and see spirits. Clairaudient psychics have gifts of being able to hear audibly what others can't hear through the help of spirit guides and other spiritual beings. Speaking to a clairaudient for assistance will give you access to get in touch with your angels or spirits guides, or gives you a sense of direction in life.

  • Clairsentient Psychic

    Clairsentience is the gift of feeling, attitude, sensing, and having emotional connections of those around you on the actual and physical level. Clairsentient psychic possess the ability to walk into a room and feel the vibe, whether humans are present or not. Clairsentient psychic has a unique sense which helps them to pick up spoken words or action before they happen. Clairsentient people might not be aware of their gift and might assume that they are just more sensitive to things than others. Some of such persons do have unique ability to sense vibrations emanating for, a person or object that provide insight into their inner state. Possessing such ability helps them to project their senses into another place. Clairsentient can be able to �see� or �feel� what's happening in a place far away from their abode. Clairsentients can answer questions concerning career, well-being, relationships by utilizing their unique gifts.

  • Clairvoyant Psychic

    Clairvoyance is the gift of clear-sightedness which means “clear vision,” and this is the ability to see visions and see spirits. It is otherwise referred to as Extrasensory Perception or a “sixth sense.” Clairvoyance refers to the paranormal ability to see persons and event that are far in time and space. Clairvoyants can see colors, images visions, dreams, symbols that can help them make sense of their environment by tapping into the personal knowledge of the soul, and the collective experience of all souls of the universe through vision and images.

  • Energy Healer

    Energy healers are individuals who restore balance to individuals mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies using a holistic approach. Energy healing is the releasing out of positive energy to effect a change. It is sometimes considered a form of alternative medicine or holistic healing, which may be sought for a range of diseases arising from depression, chronic back pain to finding a solution to the adverse effects of long-term medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Energy healing is subjective, and it requires the willingness of an individual to receive help from the energy healer because it requires consistency in both action and thought.

  • Intuitive Psychic

    Intuitive Empath who has the unusual gift of sensing and understanding how others feel. Empaths can sense the emotion and feelings of those around them, while some initiatives are gifted with the ability that enables them to see the future or communicate with the dead. Empathic people usually have a sense of capturing the sentiments of those within their surroundings. Such an individual can differentiate whether the people closest to you are feeling sad, angry, or happy. Then it's obvious you are an empath. What’s the difference between an intuitive psychic and an empath? Intuitive psychic has the unreserved ability to know and forecast events without any explanation as to how it requires no much work. Empaths have a natural gift of having the same emotional feeling of their close ones at any given time, which makes them be able to share the opinions and explain it without mincing words.

  • Love Psychic

    Are you having relations traumas as to who is right for you? Will my ex-come back? Is my fiancé cheating on me? Love psychic can help answer love and relationships related questions, and they can help give direction as for how we approach our romantic lives on a daily basis. Love psychics can also utilize their talents to bring you closer to achieving your goals romantically. While pondering and finding ways about our love lives will be. Love psychic examine how you feel about yourself if you think lovable or feel loved by someone else, and this helps them to give advice that will make individual to stay on the path towards fulfilling their romantic destiny. Love psychics know how to harness the areas of our relationships that could bring improvement to our link. Love psychics have a special talent in providing valuable advice to those searching for true love in their life. Love psychic use their unique gifts and the ability to let their listeners know what lies ahead of their love life. Their words of wisdom give direction and are comforting to individuals who have lost hope in finding “the one” later down the road.

  • Medium Psychic

    Mediumship is the practice in which some set of people known as mediums mediates communications between spirits of the deceased loved ones and the living. Many life occurrences are unpredictable including the passing on of loved ones. Regardless of death psychic medium still have access to the deceased souls. Over the years, psychic mediums (also known as channelers) have been providing answers and comfort to those of us who are still alive and are looking for ways to initiate the connection and possibly communicate with their deceased loved ones. The ability of a psychic medium to foresee the future and also interact with the dead provides numerous benefits to those who want to connect with their brethren. A psychic medium can create a bridge between our world and the spiritual world by communicating with beings and energies in the spiritual words, including angels and spirit guides which helps to gain inner peace and increases our spiritual awareness. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium? Psychic means a lot of things to lots of people. Psychic relies on a wide range of gifts and equipment’s to provide deep meanings and give accurate readings depending on the individual's situations and inquiries. Some psychic has unique intuitive or trained specialization which gives the ability to provide an accurate psychic reading. A psychic medium is a specific kind of psychic which has the talent of communicating with the spirits and the dead. Outrightly all mediums are essentially psychic, but not all psychics are medium.

  • Pet Psychic

    Psychics are generally known to communicate with loved ones, but their gifts aren't limited to humans. Numerous pet psychics can use their talents to communicate with all types of animal whether dead or alive. If you have once at a time wished you could speak or communicate with your pet, pet psychic is a way to establish such a connection and see the world from their point of view. Does my pet need to be with me during the reading? During Pet psychic reading, the pet need not be physically available before their energy can be picked as well as the pets that have died. Most of the time, dead pets will check in and say hello and leave an encouraging message. Pets are almost the same like the child because they often take an interest in what children do, like requesting for a toy, special food, snuggle in bed or even run in the park with their parents.

  • Cartomancy Reading

    Cartomancy readings a type of reading in which a psychic uses a deck of cards to answer your questions and convey messages about your past, present or future. Cartomancy can also be used for a love psychic reading if your questions are focused on romantic matters. Cartomancy readings contain a deck of 52 playing cards with four suits (spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds) and it as 13 cards in each suit (numbers from 2 to 10, plus a jack, queen, king, and ace). Meanings are being given to your specific situation by the number, suit, and face of the card. Cartomancy reading can also reveal hidden pattern and truths just like all types of spiritual reading; this makes it useful for divination or fortune telling. The type of deck that was first used for cartomancy readings has been around since the 14th century where it is used to play games like poker or bridge which has 52-card.